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An awe-inspiring Yoga in Waikiki

Yoga is a way to train your body and mind; to get the most out of them. It has been here for centuries. It may have originated in India and is an accident art that has been transferred and polished by every generation.

Practicing Yoga in Waikiki, Honolulu has never been better, as it is now. We at 'Over The Rainbow Yoga', have a team of the most experienced and on top of their game, teachers. If you are on Oahu in Honolulu and looking for an easy and relaxing workout, come visit us! Book a class and we can guarantee that you would want to come back again. You can also look us up online. We are offering multiple types of classes at different times.

How does our yoga help you?

A normal workout will benefit your body and pump some oxygen to your brain, which is good. But why not go for the better? Well, the better option is yoga. It is better than other workouts because it focuses on special breathing techniques and mental exercises. So, not only do you exercise your body but your mind also undergoes various beneficial changes.

Amazingly there are various types of yoga and you can choose any type to start of with. Each type of yoga possesses unique outcomes and exercises. We provide complete and satisfying support here in Waikiki.

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Yoga and emotional wellbeing

Emotions make us human, right? Controlling those emotions is not an easy task in everyday life. One might say that anger, frustration, negativity, and selfishness, etc are much bigger problems than any other. Because if you are not happy you are not truly living. Where there is a problem there is a solution as well. The solution is 'yoga'.

You might be staggered to know that yoga not only helps your body but also it can keep your emotions in check. We can help you there. If you are having negative thoughts, and you are angry; just take a yoga class. Here in Waikiki on O'ahu; 'Over the Rainbow Yoga' is offering beach yoga that can help you resolve all your emotional issues as well. We can guarantee that you will be much content and happier when leaving the class.

Does it make me intelligent?

Humanity's crown jewels are the mind and the heart. Yoga helps you at both levels. It helps in keeping your emotions in line and through various breathing and focusing techniques; it also strengthens your mind. If you are looking to practice yoga on Waikiki beaches and want to experience this side of life, we suggest you take a look at our classes and join us. Not only you will be full of life and happiness when you leave but also your mind will start working at higher levels. Yoga helps you explore those new levels, your mind grasps to new heights and ways of thinking and processing thoughts.

Our Unique set of classes

We offer classes at different locations: Kapiolani Park and Leahi Beach Park. We have marked our weeks with respect to a specific element. We start with water, then earth, then fire, and at last air. While practicing yoga in Waikiki, if you wish to tag along with us on this interesting journey; we await you. It will bring a huge and fresh change to your life. You will start looking at your life from a different angle.

Leave the hard work to us and focus on the classes to get those amazing outcomes in a very short time. If you are confused about it; just relax and take a drop-in class with us. We guarantee that practicing yoga in Waikiki has been brought up to another level with our amazing teachers and unique set of classes.

Are there any health benefits of yoga?

Oh yes. It is probably the only practiced art in the world that benefits you on all possible levels. Starting from your physical being, it helps you with your spiritual and emotional self as well. It unlocks the dormant potentials within your body. While challenging yourself physically, working on your mental focus, and keeping your breathing at a steady pace, helps fight many diseases and strengthens your body. It results in weight loss and a decent body shape. Bring the risk of heart diseases to a minimum.

You will become aware of every action in your life. Your food will taste and smell better, which results in good digestion and sleep. You won't feel anxiety or depression, so consider those problems knocked out of your body as well.

Why choose us?

Why choose us? The answer lies in three words, "we love yoga". Happy and satisfied yogis are our main focus. It is an amazing and ongoing journey that you will be embarking upon with us.

We also teach you how to communicate with mother nature and how to understand it. Our other main focus is your physical well-being. Challenging your body with different styles and practices and taking it to its maximum is one way of doing it. Along with that, we focus on your mind and thought-processing. Controlling strong emotions and putting them to good use. We boost your confidence levels and turn you into a bold and energetic person.

After joining us, you will not fear confrontations and possess a certain charisma that will have a deep impact on your surroundings. So, practicing sunset yoga on Waikiki beaches with our expert teachers will not only boost your mood but also bring out that amazing person hiding within you.

We at 'Over the Rainbow Yoga', await your arrival so, we can start this magnificent voyage into the deep oceans of yoga.

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