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Why Sunset Yoga Waikiki is a MUST when Visiting Hawaii.

When visiting Hawaii there is SO much to do and see. We understand that you want to make the most out of your trip to the Hawaiian Islands. If you are yoga enthusiast visiting O'ahu, searching for places to practice yoga during your trip, you probably wouldn't t want to be stuck in an indoor studio. Well, we have a solution for you -> outdoor yoga classes in Waikiki!

Let sunset yoga in Waikiki take your breath away!

Your time is limited, right? You want to see and do everything, but it also important to relax and restore. Well, what if we tell you that you can do both at the same time?

Enjoy some relaxing 'me-time' practicing yoga under the palms and blue skies overlooking the ocean. The stunning golden hour has just began as you move your body through unique creative yoga sequences, designed by our amazing Over The Rainbow Yoga teachers. The sun is slowly setting down into the ocean, serving you with breathtaking views. The air seems to soften and calm down as you breathe in the fresh Hawaiian breeze. Your sunset yoga on the beach takes on a whole new level once the sun has disappeared past the horizon. As you enter relaxing mat-based yoga poses, the sky begins to create all kinds of beautiful pastel shades of pink and purple colors.

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Why is outdoor yoga in Waikiki better than studio classes?

There are many reasons why 'outdoor yoga studio' classes can enrich your Hawaii vacation.

By practicing yoga by the beach - YOU :

  1. ... get to enjoy unforgettable scenery as pictured above from one of our sunset yoga classes.

  2. ... don't need to worry about the cleanliness - enjoy a safe, naturally germ-free environment in the fresh air (no chemicals from cleaning products and over-sanitization)

  3. ... won't need to rush out for the following class to come in. You can stay at your mat space, enjoying your surroundings for as long as you wish!

  4. ... get to breathe fresh air, feel the sun and Hawaiian breeze along your skin, ground and connect to mother nature through the souls of your feet and hands.

  5. ... get to heal, soft and relax not only your body but also the mind. Being outdoors comes with so many benefits. It leads to lasting health benefits, including neurogenesis (the regeneration of new brain cells in parts of our brain). This can aid in memory, learning and mood.

Why choose Over The Rainbow Yoga?

Over The Rainbow Yoga offers group yoga classes at sunset times (from 6PM to 7PM) in Kapiolani park, Monday through Thursday. Each day our yoga class style is different and unique. See for yourself:

MONDAYS - Blissful Flow Yoga

Gentle vinyasa infused yoga flow, focused on mindful movement of the body though creative and fun sequences. Helping you to soften your mind, connect to your body, and simply have you feeling blissful.

TUESDAYS - Sweat & Reset Yoga

A 45 min. of power yoga followed by a 15 min. guided meditation. This class is designed to practice presence with yourself by zooming into the body, then into the mind.


Dynamic, sweet and fluid combo of Vinyasa and Yin. This class that aims to balance the Yang & Yin, giving you ample time to move and groove as well as sink & melt.

THURSDAYS - Flow & Restore Yoga

Gentle flow class of vinyasa and yin yoga. Tender and loving on the body while also nurturing strength, flexibility, and balance.

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