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TOP 5 Reasons why Outdoor Yoga in Waikiki is Better than Studio Classes

You arrived on the island of O'ahu, most likely sore from the long flight, jetlagged and exhausted. The best medicine? Sunset yoga class in Waikiki by the beach. Not only will this outdoor yoga class enrich your Hawaii vacation, it will also make you feel SO much better, both physically and mentally.

Local to Hawaii? Nowadays demanding schedules leave many of us feeling trapped inside. Even though we get to live on this island paradise, we often forget to enjoy our 'āina and interact outdoors.

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Here are a few benefits and reasons why you should practice yoga outdoors - by the beach in Waikiki:

1. Breath Taking Views and Improved Concentration

Spending time outdoors with natural scenery has actually been proven to improve brain functions such as concentration.

Hawaii is known for its stunning scenery and those Hawaiian sunsets could not get any better! Enjoy unforgettable scenery - the ocean in front of you and Diamond head behind you. The perfect setting for a sunset yoga class. Local or not, these views will never get old!

2. Take Your Time

The beauty of an 'outdoor yoga studio' is that you won't need to rush off of your mat and out of the space for the following class to come in. You get to stay on your mat, enjoying your post-Shavasana feels, your surroundings and returning back to reality whenever you are ready. Or not - you can stay for as long as you wish!

3. Breathe The Fresh Air

We all know that fresh air always makes us feel better, but do you know the yummy benefits it does to your brain?

Oxygen is absolutely essential in maintaining healthy brain function, growth, and healing. Did you know that the brain actually uses three times more oxygen than muscles do? Therefore, our brain is extremely sensitive to low oxygen levels, so being outside breathing fresh outdoor air, can improve brain function! This can be especially beneficial if you are trapped in an office most of the day.

So come join our beach yoga classes and breathe the fresh air, feel the sun and Hawaiian breeze against your skin, ground and connect to mother nature through the souls of your hands and feet.

4. Reduce Stress Levels

In the nowadays fast-paced world of always doing and thinking, being outside can help reduce this stress. Being in nature reduces stress, brings positive changes in the overall state of mind and helps the brain produce endorphins (mood regulators).

Heal, soften and relax not only your body but also your mind. Being outdoors comes with so many long-lasting health benefits, including improved memory, learning and mood.

5. Increased Vitamin D

Thanks to sunlight, our skin synthesizes vitamin D - an essential nutrient for healthy brain function. Vitamin D actually protects the neurons in the brain and reduces inflammation. Vitamin D is extremely important, and its deficiency is more and more common each year. Getting out into the sunlight will give you some of the vitamin D you need to feel healthy and thrive. Even as little as an hour of sunset yoga by the beach, it’s still worth it!



6PM - 7PM

Blissful Yoga Flow

Yoga Teacher: Veronika


6PM - 7PM

Sweat & Reset Yoga

Yoga Teacher: Leanna


6PM - 7PM

Vin Yin Love Yoga

Yoga Teacher: Veronika


6PM - 7PM

Flow & Restore

Yoga Teacher: Heidi

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